Our Story + Mission

Our Story:

Hello! Pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your interest in ecopparel and supporting our dream to save the planet. Two and a half years ago, we decided to take a stand for the environment and buy more sustainable clothing. However, we found that all the eco-friendly clothing brands were way out of our budget as college students. This gave us the idea to create ecopparel, the most sustainable, environmentally responsible and affordable eco-friendly brand on the market.

As environmentalists, we understand and appreciate the extra work that eco-friendly clothing takes. That’s why we have spent over two years revising and perfecting our clothing, making sure to bring you the most guilt free, high quality, and reasonably priced products available. We make sure to never compromise the quality of our products in our mission to make them as affordable as possible.

Our goals at ecopparel are not only to create an opportunity for people to choose eco-friendly clothing but educate them about the current climate crisis while giving back to organizations who share our passion.  We want to save the planet, one piece of clothing at a time.

 -Rob and Elisha


Our Mission:

At ecopparel we aim to be the most sustainable, environmentally responsible, and affordable eco-friendly brand on the market.  While we keep our prices low, we are not sacrificing quality in order to achieve this. We provide consumers with the opportunity to choose environmentally conscious clothing over clothes that have a negative impact on the Earth. 

What many people do not realize is that the process to create fabrics and manufacture clothing is extremely toxic to the planet. This is why we work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that they are using the most environmentally responsible practices available.  By choosing us over a non-eco-friendly company, you are making a conscious decision to help the environment. While it may seem small, imagine what impact we can have on the world if we all took one step in the right direction.

All of our shipping and packaging materials as well as our products, are made from recycled, recyclable, or compostable materials, allowing you to be guilt-free from the moment you order your products until the minute your package shows up at your door.




Reasons You Can Feel Good About Supporting ecopparel:

  • All shipping and packaging materials are eco-friendly.
  • All products are made out of organic or recycled material.
  • 10% of proceeds go to non-profit organizations.
  • Our manufacturers sustain eco-friendly practices.
  • To read more about our sustainability efforts, click here.